Professor Phra Phrombhichitr officially established the Faculty of Architecture in 1955 as the second faculty of Silpakorn University. It was initially called the Faculty of Thai Architecture and offered a three-year diploma program in Thai. In 1958, the curriculum was restructured into a five-year undergraduate program. The Faculty changed its name to the Faculty of Architecture in 1966 when the trend in architectural education became more modernized in keeping with the social, economic, and technological changes. In 1984, the Faculty launched its first master’ s degree program in Urban Design. Since then, several graduate programs have been offered. In 2002, the Faculty offers a total of 14 degree programs including 2 undergraduate programs, 10 master’s degree programs, and 2 doctoral degree programs.
The Faculty of Architecture also supports and promotes faculty members to continuously do both fundamental and applied research in their specialized fields. The Faculty provides research supports in the forms of research assistants, facilities, buildings and equipment in order to facilitate the research studies to meet the objectives and to create new knowledge for courses and for professional development. In addition, the Faculty provides budgets and financial supports to faculty members to publish books, textbooks, and journals. For community services, the Faculty offers different educational and professional services for the public, for example, design and construction of buildings, planing and development of spaces, trainings and seminars in the related fields of tourism, conservation of historical sites, environmental preservation, energy conservation at national and international levels.