Established in 1972, the Faculty of Science is Silpakorn University’s seventh faculty and it has been the first faculty in the fields of science and technology in an attempt to further develop Silpakorn into a full-fledged university and to meet the country’s growing need for human resources in science and technology. Initially, only three programs of study, namely, biology, statistics and mathematics, were available. Over the past years, however, the Faculty has substantially grown in both its breadths of academic interests and students as well as staff population.
The Faculty’s principal research interests cover those areas considered most crucial for the country’s development goals. Some of the current research projects are on Physics such as solar energy for agriculture and industries. Material Science and Thin-Film Technology, Research in Opto-electronics, Atmospheric Physics and multidisciplinary researches on natural product application. Studies on chemical and biological catalysts as important roles in syntheses and other interesting researches. The Faculty is the Science and Mathematics Center for Educational Development of students and academic staff in the western region. In addition, the faculty provides analytical sciences by using scientific processes, applied statistic and computer systems in storing database in environmental science and arts in the western region. Besides, the faculty also organizes seminars, special conferences, trainings and Science Week exhibitions focusing on science and technology on related issues.