Based at Cha-Am, Phetchaburi, the Faculty of Management Science, being the twelfth faculty among other faculties within Silpakorn University, has been established in Phetchaburi Information Technology Campus and has opened for academic activities in this new campus since 2002. The Faculty aims to achieve in incubating the students, once graduated, to have a capacity to create and establish their own job with a good entrepreneurship foundation. Those who seek to apply for a job in the private and public sectors will fit in the organizations and work effectively in accordance with the objectives of the management.
To accomplish this goal, the Faculty has channeled a vast resource to academic activity to ensure that the students will receive excellence input in teaching in English and other foreign language courses as well as providing the students with sufficient IT technology so that they are technically well-equipped to work in the modern world workplaces. The Faculty also has set up a linkage with various private entrepreneurs with the aim to utilize these channels as a platform for student trainings and employment as well as the students are encouraged to take part in excursions, competitions, projects in relation to academic activities as well.